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Our mission

ARcademy enhances educational content for teachers and students. We’re currently collaborating with Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center, Simon Initiative & CoALA Lab at HCII.


The Team

John Balash
Director of Educational Engagement at the Entertainment Technology Center

John Choi
Techno Emperor: Lorde of the Monitors

Olivia Lynn
Olivia is a software developer, indie game dev, and new media artist who has always adored reading and is excited to be creating other types of virtual worlds

Bryce Li
Bryce is a student @ CMU designing products and the brand at the ETC. He connects different disciplines of design & technology together in the service of an idea.

Shannon Lin
Current student at Carnegie Mellon University with a love for illustration, interactive elements and immersive spaces. In her free time, she enjoys exploring 2D animation and game design.

Chansocphentra Salcido
Current student at Carnegie Mellon University involved in 3D electronic art, animation, and game design. She is interested in creating virtual environments and exploring interactivity.

Stacey Cho
Stacey Cho is a current student at CMU who loves 3D modeling and level designing. She is involved in 3D environmental art, 3D animations, AR/VR developments, game design, and more.

Wyatt Riker
Wyatt has a passion for 3D modeling, 3D animation, and AR/VR. He intends on exploring the different applications of AR/VR in various fields.

Shelly Zhang
Shelly is a studnet at Carnegie Mellon Univsersity focused on techincal and time-based art. She is especially interested in space and storytelling when it comes to 3D, AR/VR, and animation projects.

Former Members

Michael Kugler
Ashumi Rokadia
Crystal lee
Cheng Ma
Emily Ngo
Sixiang Dong
Meiju Hu
Maggie Hannan
Leah Minsky
Emmanuel Lugo
Nancy Zuo
Ryan Davis